The group MERESSIN was organized in 1993 by 2 brothers: Zhydrius "Hidra"(voc./l.guitar) and Darius "Zhaltys"(bass guitar). Before the brothers decided to organize the group MERESSIN, they played hard rock and heavy metal.


In 1993 Mode Miceika joined the group (he played the drums). As the members of MERESSIN had been interested in old wave black metal before, they decided to keep the old black like the foundation of their music. There were composed 8 songs by the foundation of old black metal and they were recorded in 1994 in studio of Virgis Pazhemeckas in Telsiai city. That first MC "SATAN, ORO TE, REO PORTAS PATERE" like demo was released by Lithuanian underground label "DANGUS Prod." in the beginning of 1995. This work was valued well by the listeners - the MERESSIN gained their fans. Very soon after that Mode (drums) left the band.


In the beginning of 1996 two new members - Arturas "The Cloud" Darguzhis (drums) and Mindaugas Vizgaudis (rhythm guitar) joined MERESSIN. The band made 9 new compositions and recorded them in the beginning of July of 1996 in the studio of Ro­mas Dambrauskas in Mazeikiai city. The foundation of the music was still the same - black metal with heavy, thrash and occult metal atmosphere. The music and the lyrics became more professional than in the first demo. This cass. LP "THE BAPHOMET'S CALL" was released by the greatest Lithuanian music label "BOMBA Rec." and on the introducing concert of that MC witch took place in Vilnius in the club of "IRON HANG" on the 20th of December of 1996. A little bit later famous Lithuanian metal stage person Sekla became the manager of MERESSIN.
In 1997 MERESSIN recorded the new album "MASK", witch had the same ideas and the music style, like the works of MERESSIN made before. The manager Sekla took care about the recordings so the new album "MASK"was recorded in 24 tracks "Tango" studio in Kaunas city. That album was produced by Arturas Shidlauskas (he worked with some other professional Lithuanian groups). The "MASK" was released by "LNK Rec." in MC and CD formats. That was the first CD of MERESSIN. There were 11 songs performed in black, thrash and heavy metal style. Two songs of the album were sang in Lithuanian (after that MERESSIN decided to sing in their native tongue). The "MASK" was a very quality release, but "LNK Rec." did not take a good care about the "MASK's" promotion.


The band played a lot of concerts alive , but there were some troubles inside the group and in 1998 Darius (bass guitar) and Mindaugas (rhythm guitar) left the group. The manager left the group too. There were only 2 persons faithful for the ambitions of MERESSIN - Zhydrius "Hidra" (voc./l. guitar) and Arturas "The Cloud" (drums)


In 1998 Zhydrius had met Gedas Zdanavicius (bass guitar) and Minde Zdanavicius (r. guitar/bck. voc). The ideas of the group has totaly changed, the music changed too and it could be called like heavy/black rock'n'roll. After these changes, members of the band decided to use folk elements in their music first in all the history of MERESSIN, also they used their native Samogitian language in their lyrics. After that MERESSIN got the name of the Samogitian group. They started to sing only in Lithuanian and Samogitian - that was the old promise of the MERESSIN for their listeners.
Later in 1999 MERESSIN recorded some songs during the concert and made a deal with "DANGUS Prods" again. In April of 2000 the 3rd full-length album "ALKIS" (THE HUNGER) of MERESSIN was ready for the recording - and it was recorded in Sauliai city, in the studio of Virgis Zhlabys. When "ALKIS" was already recorded, Minde and Gedas joined the band. "DANGUS Prods" took care of the promotion and in 2000, durring the festival "Baltic Thunder" MERESSIN presented their single tape "PASIUTE SHUNYS" (MAD DOGS). There were 2 studio songs and 4 live songs. This MC presented a new album "ALKIS" witch had to show-up very soon. It took 2 years to create this album and it showed up in the beginning of 2001 in MC and CD formats. "DANGUS Prod." took care of the promotion of the "ALKIS".
In summer of 2001 there was made the first video in the history of MERESSIN, for the song "ASHMENYS". Also in the beginning of summer of 2001 Gedas, Minde and Arturas left the group. Zhydrius"Hidra" stays single in group. 2002 - 2006 is dark years for MERESSIN. Several session musicians played in band com­position, but no long. Finally, for some reason the group's activities have been stopped for a long time ...


Now MERESSIN returns on the metal scene. Remaster of all meressin albums and record of new stuff are in process.
Album "THE BAPHOMET'S CALL" re-mastered by Hidra in 2007. "INFERNA PROFUNDUS RECORDS" released CD in end of 2007.


In the beginning of 2009 the band is renewable again. New members joined MERESSIN. Žydrius "Hidra" Augulis (vocal /guitar), Valdas Venclova (drums), Endrius Bričkus (guitar), Audrius Magžauskas (bass guitar), Vitalijus "Šovinys" Praspaliauskas (percussion) - with this composition the band is resurgent. Band prepared for live show and was present return of MERESSIN during "KILKIM ZHAIBU X" fest in 2009.06.13.

The current group style can be described as "War Metal", lyrics - themes of war, image of old gods and warriors, all lyric created out in an authentic Samogitians language.